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How to make false colored SEM images How to measure nanoparticle size distribution using SEM picture How to organize colors in your scientific drawing How to tune-up the photograph of your sample How to make false colored monochrome SEM image How to combine many SEM images into one figure How to organize colors in your block diagram How to save graphic files for scientific journal

How to tune-up the photograph of your sample

The authors of scientific manuscripts frequently supplement experimental details and the results of their investigation with digital photographs. Technological advances have changed the way the photographs of studied samples may be recorded in order to get satisfactory image. However, most of the photographs taken at lab conditions still require some post-processing to make them publication-ready. The following tutorial presents some general guidelines for the proper handling of digital photographs and provides some specific tips and tricks to enhance perception of presented objects. Follow it and simply display your digital photographs in a more visually engaging way. Suggested modifications, however, do not introduce inappropriate changes to your original data, so making such changes will not be classified as scientific misconduct.

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