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How to save graphic files for scientific journal

Most of publishers have basically the same recommendations on how images files should be formatted for academic journals. However, if you are preparing an image for a particular publication, check out the journal webpage for submission guidelines to determine what RESOLUTION, PHYSICAL DIMENSION and FILE TYPE they want you to provide. Usually, the minimum required resolution is of 300 dpi. Images are usually printed as either one column wide (8.5 cm, or about 3.35 in) or two columns wide (17.8 cm, or about 7.01 in). One of the most recommended file formats is *.tiff (Tagged Image File Format). All other raster graphics formats are discouraged or not allowed, due to their lossy image compression. Presented drawings aim at contrasting the output graphics saved with various resolutions. The difference may not be obvious at a glance, but check out the next drawing in the album to see magnified view. The following tutorial presents some general guidelines concerning file saving for scientific journals and provides specific examples to handle output graphics with Adobe Photoshop CS3, MS Visio 2010 and MS PowerPoint 2010. Follow it and do not let the quality of your artwork be lost in pixelated, low-resolution images.

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