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How to organize colors in your scientific drawing

Colors play a major role in perception of any kind of graphics. Unfortunately, it is rarely considered by scientists as an element of composition. Presented drawings aim at contrasting the approach of black and white composition, with the approach of random and organized colors. The difference is obvious at a glance. However, finding the right color combinations can be really hard, especially if you want to present complex dependencies. Just because we have a natural ability to distinguish colors does not make us an expert in that field. It is therefore important to use an abstract illustrative organization of color hues such as a COLOR WHEEL. This simple tool is used by artists and designers, but can be also very useful for scientists in picking colors for their drawings. The following tutorial presents some general guidelines for the proper handling of colors and provides some specific examples to illustrate inappropriate practices. Follow it and create your scientific drawing with harmonious color combination and an ambience of elegance.

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  2. I usually use Color Wheel - what can be easier in use and more helpful? For organizing colors it is the best solution as for me. Though I would like to know about any other way to do it - it is always good to know something new. Thanks for posting.

  3. There are some differences with scientific drawing with some color implementation.They write my essay for me canada about the procedure of selecting the appropriate color in case of scientific drawing tasks.

  4. Totally useful tutorial. Makes picking up color for drawing a lot easier. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.